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FC Barcelona: a brief history

Tuesday 26 October 2010 17:00
Written by Spain Tickets Online

Today we will learn a bit about Barça’s history. The Catalonian club was founded on 29th of November, 1899, by just 12 people. They had gathered thanks to the newspaper ad written by Hans Gamper, a Swiss who loved football. The original name was “Football Club Barcelona”, in English, and the first president was Walter Wild. The membership fee was only 2 pesetas (about 0’01€).

By the twenties, the club already had 11.000 members and a big stadium, Camp de Les Corts. However, things were about to turn bad: with the arrival of the Spanish Civil War, the number of members got down to only 2.500 members and the war destroyed most of the archives.

Under the dictatorship, FC Barcelona lost his English name for a Spanish one, “Club de Fútbol Barcelona”, and by his 50th birthday, the club achieved the great result of 25.000 members.


Spanish League – Round 8

Friday 22 October 2010 14:28
Written by Spain Tickets Online

This weekend’s Real Madrid vs. Racing has everyone talking about Sergio Canales, former Racing player that will have to play against his friends for the first time. Mourinho trusts Canales, but is also worried about him playing below his possibilities or being distracted by the media.

On the other side, we have Espanyol vs. Levante. Levante’s players have a serious problem with the injuries this season. Six players aren’t able to step on the field, so won’t be facing Espanyol this weekend, but the manager has already affirmed that they’ll do their best even without their most well-known players.

A round with only two matches but also the promise of very intense football. Enjoy, remember that our web provides tickets for all major football events held in Spain and we’ll see you on Monday!

Champions League and Europa League (18-24 Oct)

Wednesday 20 October 2010 12:00
Written by Spain Tickets Online

Yesterday Real Madrid won over AC Milan, his fourth consecutive victory in the Champions League. A good match where the team from Madrid took revenge on last year’s defeat, when AC Milan won at Santiago Bernabeu, 2-3. Mourinho was confident, and looks like this may be their year.

Also, today we will see Barça play against Kobenhavn without Milito, who is injured. Kobenhavn, Group D’s leader, hasn’t played before on the Camp Nou, but has managed to win over greater teams such as Rubin Kazan or Panathinaikos. The doubt now is wether they’ll be able to win in Barcelona too.

And let’s not forget the UEFA Europe League, because tomorrow Atletico faces Rosenborg, and needs a victory. Atletico’s manager admits his team doesn’t know much about the Norwegian team, but they’ll do their best.

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Vicente Calderón, Atletico de Madrid’s stadium

Monday 18 October 2010 12:43
Written by Spain Tickets Online

As promised, today we’ll sum up for you a bit of Vicente Caderon stadium’s history and trivia. Enjoy!

The stadium is located in Madrid, in Arganzuela district. It was the first in Spain to become a “5 star rated stadium”, and it’s been so since 2003. It’s Atletico de Madrid’s official stadium.

When it was built, back in 1966, there were seats for 62.000 people. The first game ever played there ended in a tie to 1 against Valencia CF. At the time, it was called Manzanares Stadium, because of the river. However, in 1971 the name was changed to Vicente Calderon to honor the president.

These may be Vicente Calderon’s last years. The club wants to build a new, bigger stadium, called Estadio de la Peineta, that will be ready in three years, tops. Then, the Vicente Calderon will be turned into a park. The fans aren’t very happy with the idea, but the club argues that the current location is too close to the river.

Now, a bit of trivia: the stadium was closed by the UEFA for two games, in punishment for the incident between Atletico’s fans and Olympique de Marsella’s fans the 1st of October 2008.

You can get to the stadium using the 17, 18, 23, 34, 35, 36, 50, 116, 118 or 119 bus line, or stepping down at Piramides, the L-5 underground station.

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Spanish League – Round 7

Friday 15 October 2010 12:25
Written by Spain Tickets Online

This weekend is really promising. First of all, everybody is looking forward to Barça – Valencia. The physicists have already confirmed that Villa’s injury won’t keep him from playing, and that means he’ll be able to face the team where he spent five years. His former team, Valencia, isn’t scared, and trusts the possibility of scoring as soon as possible. However, both teams have many players that won’t be able to step on the field, so everything can happen.

Also, there is Atletico de Madrid – Getafe. While Atletico de Madrid mourns Arteche, a former football player and one of the most well-known scorers in the 80’s, Getafe is eager to start the game. As said by their manager, “this is the first serious match we’ll have”.

And we can’t forget to mention Mallorca – Espanyol, mostly because this may be the match that breaks Mallorca’s invincible streak. This season, the team hasn’t been defeated yet, nor has anybody put a single goal on them at home. Both teams are well-balanced; it’s hard to pick a winner.

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