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Dejà vu at the Champions League

Monday 20 December 2010 18:20
Written by Spain Tickets Online

At last, we know who will play against Barça and Real Madrid on the Champions League! We’ll have the pleasure to watch Barça vs. Arsenal and Real Madrid vs. Lyon, just like last season.
Barça – Arsenal is a typical Champions match. Both teams have faced each other three times on the Camp Nou (Barcelona won two out of three). In fact, last time Messi scored his hat trick, ending the game with an impressive 4-1 (click on the picture to watch the video).

But results aside, this match is interesting because is the first time that Cesc Fàbregas will play against his friends, Puyol and Piqué, with whom he speaks daily on twitter. Cesc would love to return to FC Barcelona, and doesn’t hide that he loves to play along with his friends, but on this match he’ll have to forget everything except the game. At Spain Tickets, we just can’t wait to see it!

On the other side, Real Madrid will receive again Lyon on the Santiago Bernabeu. The team is happy to have the opportunity to repeat the same match of the last season, since it will help them to learn from their own experience. Also, this time they’ve got Mourinho, and they trust their manager to achieve victory.

The other confirmed matches are Inter de Milán and Bayern Munich, AS Roma-Shakhtar Donetsk; AC Milan-Tottenham Hotspur; Olympique Marsella-Manchester United and Copenhague-Chelsea.
As soon as date and time are confirmed, we’ll tell you, don’t worry. We don’t want anyone to lose the opportunity to enjoy the best football!

Real Madrid: a brief history

Tuesday 14 December 2010 15:39
Written by Spain Tickets Online

We’ve talked about FC Barcelona’s history, now it’s time to talk about Real Madrid’s. Before Cristiano Ronaldo, Mourinho and Casillas arrived to the team there were lots of players, managers and people doing their best to put Real Madrid on top of the Spanish teams.

The club was born on 1902 thanks to two brothers, Juan and Carlos Padros. White uniforms were chosen, along with blue cap and socks. In 1904, Real Madrid and other six teams founded the FIFA in Paris. Five years later, O’Donnell field was opened, but they had to wait until 1912 to get a proper field.

Some political changes forced the blue out of the uniforms and brought a purple line. Hard times during the Civil War meant also difficult times for football, and the team went on hiatus until 1939.

Consigue 25 euros de descuento en tus entradas

Friday 3 December 2010 17:00
Written by Spain Tickets Online

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Get a €25 discount on your tickets

Wednesday 1 December 2010 18:09
Written by admin

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