Atletico of Madrid’s history

Tuesday 18 January 2011 17:32

In 1903 a group of Basque students who lived in Madrid decided to start a football team, surrogated to Athletic of Bilbao. They called it Athletic Club of Madrid. Their players had the same uniforms than Bilbao’s – a blue and white t-shirt with blue trousers- and couldn’t play against Athletic of Bilbao. Would you like to know how did they became Atletico of Madrid?

Oddly enough, Atletico separated from Athletic only because there was a problem with the uniforms. Originally, they bought their uniforms from Blackburn Rovers, but on 1911, they run out of them, so Athletic had to buy Southampto’s uniforms (red and white t-shirt and black trousers). Athletic of Bilbao used these uniforms, but Athletic Club of Madrid keeped the blue trousers. Both teams got completetly separated on 1921.

On 1939 Athletic Club of Madrid merged with Aviacion Nacional to better confront the bad economic situation and all the problems that the Civil War brought. The name was changed to Atletico Aviacion, and it wasn’t until 1947 that the team started to call itself Atletico of Madrid.

The achievements of the red-white club

On 1949/50 and 1950/51 seasons, Atletico of Madrid won its third and four League titles. The sixties  were very successful for the red-white team, that won the Generalisimo Cup –today’s Copa del Rey- twice and their fist European trophy (1962). On 1966 they started playing on their current stadium, Vicente Calderon.

On 1974, Atletico got to the final match of the Europe Cup but didn’t win, although they got the Intercontinental Cup.

Another great time was on 1995/96 season, when the team won the League and the Copa del Rey, getting himself between the Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona.

After all these great moments, sadly the team fell down to Second Division League, where they stood for two years.

Present and past

Last year, Atletico of Madrid became champion of the Europe League and also of the Supercup, great news after being almost unheard of during a few seasons.

Let’s see how does this team evolve!

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