Can you imagine La Liga without the Clasico Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Monday 13 October 2014 11:35


Many Spanish football fans have asked this question their selves in the last years.  However, the topic hasn’t come to light until has spoken the President of the Spanish League Javier Tebas.

Catalonia’s rally towards their referendum on independence has led journalists to ask Mr. Tebas about the topic. His answer has been sharp: “Taking into account the current bill, Barcelona, Espanyol and the rest of Catalan clubs would not be able to play in La Liga if Catalonia becomes independent”.

Nevertheless, Mr. Tebas has opened the door to a modification of the bill in case of Catalan independence. In fact, the current Spanish bill recognises the right of the clubs of the neighbourhood country Andorra to play in the Spanish football leagues. The document, though, highlights that Andorra is “the only country” which can do that. Therefore, the only option in order to keep Barcelona and the other Catalan teams in La Liga is modifying the current bill.

Clubs based on a country that compete in other leagues

Barcelona and the rest of the Catalan teams wouldn’t be any exception if they would play in the Spanish League despite being part of a different country (in this case, Catalonia).

Regarding the UK, there are the Welsh Premier League and the English Premier League, among others. In principle, Welsh clubs should play in their nation’s league, but Swansea and 5 more clubs decided to compete in the English one.

Playing in another country league is the most habitual thing for the teams of the smallest countries: Andorra competes in Spain, Liechtenstein in Switzerland and Monaco in the French League.

FC Barcelona out of La Liga? It is not clear at all…

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