De Gea, Casillas and Real Madrid

Wednesday 20 May 2015 13:25

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League


The news have come out this week and now it does not seem only rumours. The current Manchester United keeper, David de Gea, could sign for Real Madrid soon.

The young goalkeeper, who is not already a promise but one of the best in Europe, is not only supposed to join Real Madrid by the press, but also by, pay attention… its current coach in United! Louis Van Gaal has asked De Gea not to move to Real Madrid at the Manchester United party.

If eventually De Gea signs for Real Madrid, the Spanish Club will not pay such a big amount for him in order to not be Real’s official keeper. So, now the thing is… What will happen to Casillas?

In spite of a few recent troubles, Casillas has been the most loved keeper by the Real Madrid fans in the last decades. Iker has spent many years in the team, and he is not that young now, but many ‘madridistas’ want him to be as respected as before.

Therefore, it seems that there are two options: Casillas remaining at Real as its substitute keeper, o Iker leaving Madrid with a huge celebration, as he deserves.

Maybe the second option is the most likely to happen. What do YOU think?

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