FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Viva el Clásico!

Wednesday 25 July 2012 12:41

Source: astrofutbol.blogspot.com

The world’s best football league is very close to start again and due to this, the most exciting matches of the year are getting closer too. The Clásico matches between the two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, are the ones that create more expectation/excitement and this year will no be different.

The first Clásico of the year will be played sooner than we are used to. It will take place  the 7th of October at the Camp Nou, and it will be for both clubs, the seventh match in the league.

Three years after Barça had dominated the Liga, last season Real Madrid put more emotion winning the title. This year the Clásico will be played in the beginning of the season, so it will determine which of the two teams is in the best position to dominate the tournament (if there is no other strong team). However, La Liga is very long and nothing is decided until its end.

On the one hand, Barça will try to defeat Real Madrid after Los Blancos winning last year at the Camp Nou and practically ruled La Liga.

And on the other hand, Real Madrid will struggle to win again at the Camp Nou in order to make clear that they are as good as they were last year.

Another Clásico is coming soon so football spectacle is getting closer. Viva La Liga y vivan los ‘Clásicos’!

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