Is Messi the best football player ever?

Friday 16 March 2012 19:22


In the second-leg match of the Champions League round of 16 between Barça and Bayer Leverkusen Leo Messi became the first player of the competition to score five goals in a match. Some people already said before this achievement that Messi is the  best player ever, but after the ‘repoker’ of goals he scored last week, the debate over whether he is the best or not has reached its high point.

The question is: Why could Messi be the best player in history?

Leo is just 24 and he has scored 228 goals in 311 games for Barcelona; and this season, he has scored 53 in just 49 games (for both his team and his country). Moreover, he has scored 17 hat-tricks for the Catalan club, and one for Argentina. And he has equaled the record for most goals in a Champions League season, 12, held by himself and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Messi has won 3 Champions Leagues with Barcelona, something that very few players achieve, in addition to 5 Spanish leagues, 2 Club World Cups, 1 Spanish Cup and other titles. And individually, Leo has achieved 3 consecutive Ballons d’Or. The only thing that the ‘Messiah’ hasn’t  succeeded in yet is winning with his country, Argentina’s national team, and some people think that he should do this in order to become the best player in history.

Who competes with Messi as the best player ever??

Maradona: World Cup winner with Argentina in 86, in which he scored one of the best goals ever. He helped Italian team Napoli to reach the top, and always played magical football. However, he disappointed many people with his addiction to drugs.

Pelé: 1283 goals, the rest of the players are far behind him in number of goals scored. He won 3 World Cups, he is the most memorable player of old football.

Di Stefano: he played both for Argentina and Spain. Natural goal scorer and Real Madrid star, he won 5 World Cups with the Spanish club.

Cruyff: star of Ajax, he helped Barça to reach the top when the Catalans weren’t as big a club as they are nowadays. 3 times winner of the Ballon d’Or, he will always be remembered for his dribbling move.

And… ¿Do you think Messi already is or will be the best player in history?


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  1. ferran says:

    Messi is, definitely the best player ever. Without a doubt

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