Joan Gamper Trophy: Barcelona vs Roma

Tuesday 4 August 2015 11:01


Everything is ready for the Joan Gamper Trophy which will take place tomorrow at the Camp Nou. The first part of the night will be the presentation of next year’s team in front of all their fans and the second part will be the match Barcelona vs Roma.

‘La Festa del Gamper’ (Gamper’s Party), as it is commonly known this trophy, will for sure be a colourful festival with fireworks, music performances and entertainment during the whole night.

Now let’s have a look to the history… The trophy is named Joan Gamper. Why?

FC Barcelona’s trophy is named after Joan Gamper, the club’s founder. Hans Gamper (known in Catalonia as ‘Joan’) was a Swiss who moved to Barcelona in 1899. That year, when football wasn’t popular yet in the Catalan capital, he founded a little team in Les Corts’ neighborhood, Foot-Ball Club Barcelona (years after he was also the president).

This old Barça team was made up of foreign players who, like Gamper, were living in Barcelona. Joan Gamper never thought the team he founded would get to the top. In fact, depression led him to suicide at just 52 and he was never able to fully enjoy watching FC Barcelona, the team he had created, play in official competitions.

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