Messi in or out of Barcelona?

Thursday 20 November 2014 15:49


In the last weeks it has become usual to speculate with the future of Messi. Will Leo leave his home, Barcelona? Many people think this will not happen, but today we will have a look to the clubs that would like –and have enough money- to bring Messi to their stadiums. Don’t forget he is one of the best players at the moment and in history.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

The French club seems to have more options to ‘catch’ the Argentinian legend. Since Nasser al Khelaifi arrived at PSG, the team have the €250 m to pay for Leo. The French think Messi could bring them up to to tep of the European Football.

Manchester City

Coached by the former Barcelona’s Txiki Beguiristain, Manchester City is one of the candidates to sign Messi. They have the money and they compete in of the top world leagues, so probably Messi would like top play with them.


But City is not the only top clubs in La Premier which would welcome to have Messi in their squad. It might seem strange to see the Argentinean legend playing in a team coached by Mourinho, but they could put away the past in order to bring Chelsea into the top.

Bayern Munich

Regarding the bosses who have inspired Messi –both in a good or bad way-, there is undoubtedly Pep Guardiola. It would not be strange to see Messi playing with Bayern Munchen, if he finally leaves Barcelona.

What will decide Messi? We hope to know it soon.

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