One final between two ‘kings of the Cup’

Tuesday 10 March 2015 14:46


This year we will see again a Copa del Rey Final between the two clubs known as ‘kings of the Cup’: Barcelona v Athletic Bilbao.

26 Spanish Cup has achieved Barcelona in history; 23 (or 24 depending on the source) has got Athletic Bilbao. The last final among the two clubs took place in 2009. Barcelona won.

This year, as well as six seasons ago, the Catalan Club is the favourite again. But it means almost nothing when we are facing a final. Everything is allowed and nothing is planned. Even more because the last title that Athletic Bilbao achieved was in the early 80s.

Athletic Bilbao want to spring a surprise and win the final. It would be second surprise in this competition this year, because most thought that Athletic would not reach the final.

What will happen? We will know it on the 30th of May.

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