Real Madrid, Barcelona… Another exciting Copa del Rey match?

Thursday 5 January 2012 12:57


The Spanish Cup Final will be held on the 20th of April. However, we will know the finalists in the second part of February. And we already know one important thing: Barcelona and Real Madrid won’t face each other in the final. They’ll probably meet in the quarter-finals, after they recently won the first-leg of the round of 16.

Real Madrid played last Tuesday against the ‘renewed’ Malaga and suffered a lot to defeat them. When the first half of the match ended, Mourinho’s team was losing by 0-2. Real played badly in the first half, but they improved in the second and scored 3 goals. The leader of the team was Benzema, who scored one of the three goals. The other two were made by Khedira and Higuaín. The final result of the match was 3-2.

Despite de defeat, Malaga scored two goals at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, something very positive in a play-off, so Real Madrid will have to fight if they want to reach the quarter-finals.

FC Barcelona is closer to reach the next round after defeating Osasuna by 4-0 at the Camp Nou. Two goals of Cesc Fàbregas and two more scored by Messi, who had a flu and was not supposed to play, took Guardiola’s team to victory. Barcelona will play a ‘relaxed’ second-leg of this round next week at the Reyno de Navarra (the stadium of Osasuna).

The quarter-finals are getting closer, and it is more than probable to see a couple of ‘Clasicos’ … Real and Barça have faced each other a lot of times in 2011 and it seems that 2012 will be very similar… We’ll know it next week, but firstly we should see the second-leg matches of the round of 16 to be played. Enjoy them!

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