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Sevilla FC is already one of the ‘giants’ in Spain. In the XXI century Sevilla reached the top of the Spanish league, and they plan to stay there long time. Let’s have a look to the history of this club.

Sevilla FC was officially founded in 1905 with the name of ‘Sociedad de Foot Ball’ (Football Society). Football arrived in the capital of Andalusia in the late XIX century because of the important British community that was living in the city. Sevilla FC was one of the smalls teams set up in the city and the only ‘surviver’. Two years later, the Real Betis Balompié was also created, the other team of Seville, which became the hardest rival for Sevilla FC.

The first official Spanish League took place in the 1928. Sevilla began the official football competitions playing in the second divisions, and in 1934 they got into the first division. Just one year later, Sevilla won the first title, the Spanish Cup (formerly called Republic’s President Cup). The team played in the Nervion Stadium (smaller than the current’s Sanchez Pizjuan). During the Civil War, the league was closed down and Sevilla only played friendly matches, winning regularly.

The 40’s were for Sevilla the best years of the past century. They won their first league in 1946 and two Spanish Cups (Generalissimo’s Cups). At the end of the 50’s the new stadium Sanchez Pizjuan was built.

The worst years for Sevilla were between 1960 and 1975, when the team had economical troubles and descended to the second division on several occasions. From 1975 to 1995 the club was always in the first division but without winning any title. They fell again in the second division in the last years of the XX century.

In 2001 José María del Nido became the president of the club and the team started to improve. Sevilla celebrated its centenary in 2005 and in the same year they won their first European title, the UEFA Cup. The following season was probably the best for the team: they won the UEFA Cup and the European Super Cup against FC Barcelona. One year later Sevilla won the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid and in the season 09-10 the Spanish Cup (now King’s Cup) against Atlético Madrid.

In the last ten years Sevilla has become one of the best teams in Spain. They play in European competitions every season and they get a lot of money by growing football stars that en up in other European teams.

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Listen to the anthem of the Centenary of Sevilla, the hymn that all Spanish know.

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