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Sevilla Matches La Liga 2015

Wednesday 18 March 2015 18:50
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There are ten La Liga matches for Sevilla. Five of them will take place at the Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium. Sevilla FC is only four points far from getting to the Champions League position. They will fight as much as they can to make the dream of playing the main European football competition come true.

Do you fancy see this ‘fight’ live at the Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium? Choose the match you want and enjoy Sevilla FC and their stadium!

Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao Tickets

Sevilla vs FC Barcelona Tickets

Sevilla vs Rayo Vallecano Tickets

Sevilla vs Real Madrid Tickets

Sevilla vs Almería Tickets

Enjoy the matches!

Partidos Sevilla Liga 2015

Wednesday 18 March 2015 18:46
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Quedan diez partidos de liga para el Sevilla. Cinco de ellos en el Sánchez-Pizjuán. El Sevilla está ahora mismo a solo cuatro puntos de entrar en Champions. Lucharán hasta el máximo, y si cabe más, para entrar en ese grupo y volver la temporada que viene al sueño de jugar en la máxima competición europea.

¿Te apetece ver algún partido de esta lucha en directo desde el Sánchez Pizjuán? Elige el encuentro que quieras y disfruta del Sevilla y del fervor rojiblanco desde su estadio:

Entradas Sevilla – Athletic Bilbao

Entradas Sevilla – FC Barcelona

Entradas Sevilla – Rayo Vallecano

Entradas Sevilla – Real Madrid

Entradas Sevilla – Almería

¡Disfruta de los partidos!


Real Madrid vs Sevilla UEFA Super Cup tickets!

Thursday 19 June 2014 13:13
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Every August all European Football fans are waiting for the UEFA Super Cup in order to know which club becomes the European Super Champion. This time the final will be Real Madrid vs Sevilla. The two Spanish teams, which are the Champions League and the Europe League winners, respectively, will occupy Cardiff in order to fight to get the glory. This will be a match that will engage you from the first to the last minute whether you are a mad about Football or not. Real Madrid v Sevilla: great football, emotion, thrill and a lot of goals…

August 12, 7.45 pm (local time), Cardiff

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¡Entradas Real Madrid – Sevilla Supercopa Europa!

Thursday 19 June 2014 13:02
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Cada año Europa se paraliza a finales de agosto para ver el partido que determinará cuál es el equipo súper campeón del continente. Esta vez el partido que lo decidirá será el Real Madrid – Sevilla. Vencedores de la Champions y de la Europa League, respectivamente, los dos clubes españoles invadirán la capital galesa, Cardiff, para luchar por alzarse en lo más alto del trono europeo. Tanto si eres un futbolero de los de verdad como no, no deberías perderte este encuentro que nos hará vibrar a todos desde el primer hasta el último minuto de partido. Real Madrid-Sevilla: fútbol, espectáculo, emoción y muchos goles…

12 de agosto, 19:45 (horal local), Cardiff

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The best players of La Liga! Chapter 3: Andrés Palop

Tuesday 11 December 2012 17:05
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Today it’s time to gossip about Andrés Palop, the captain and goalkeeper of one of La Liga’s giant teams, Sevilla FC. Palop is less popular than other keepers, but he has turned Sevilla’s goal into a fort and he automatically became the team’s captain. Today we’ll discover more about him.

-          Firsts steps in football

Andrés Palop was born in L’Alcúdia (Valencia) on the 22nd of October of 1973. Since he was a kid he had good skills as a keeper, and it is what made him join Valencia CF’s young team. He later signed for Villarreal to play in the Spanish Second Division, so he started to play football as a professional.

-          Background in professional football

In his first year in Villarreal, Palop became one of the players that made the team raise the Spanish First Division (La Liga). Due to this Valencia ‘caught’ him again. Palop PLAYED with Valencia for six years and he won 2 leagues officially, 1 UEFA Cup and one European Supercup, but he rarely played with the team: Valencia’s first keeper was Santiago Cañizares.

Palop’s success started when he joined Sevilla FC in season 2005-06. That year the team won the UEFA Cup. The following season Sevilla won the same title again, and Palop was the hero of the final against RCD Espanyol: he stopped 3 penalties! Moreover, the same year Palop scored the goal that gave Sevilla the classification for the quarter finals: he scored with a headed goal after a corner! Sevilla couldn’t have won the UEFA title without him.

Afterwards, Palop won the Supercup of Europe and the Copa del Rey in 2006/07, and another Copa del Rey in 2010 (he dedicated that title to Antonio Puerta, the player of Sevilla that died 3 years before.

Palop played with the Spanish National Team for first time in 2007 (he replaced Casillas, who got suddenly injured). A year after, Palop and La Roja won the Euro Cup!

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